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Sportswear in fashion

Sportswear is emerging in recent years as another consumer occasion, coming to a blend between product in material terms and the Fashion product. Recent changes in the scope of everyday life, which has necessarily become intertwined with work activity, has fostered opportunities for its consumption. The special attention devoted to the composition of materials suitable …

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The Fashion & Functional and the NY STYLE

Between technical and fashionable product, for a style-conscious consumer who does not necessarily play sports. When one thinks of the Big Apple, one imagines a metropolis where everyone is always wearing sophisticated, often brand-name clothes and suits, preferring an elegant style with attention to detail. The reality, however, is quite different; one only has to …

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Sustainable Fabrics

Scalability It is currently unclear how some of the textile production methods mentioned can become part of a fully scalable system. Will they really be able to replace traditional textile production on a large scale? Mycoworks, for example, says that one of its goals is precisely to scale up production with new factories and new …

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