Sportswear in fashion

Sportswear is emerging in recent years as another consumer occasion, coming to a blend between product in material terms and the Fashion product. Recent changes in the scope of everyday life, which has necessarily become intertwined with work activity, has fostered opportunities for its consumption.

The special attention devoted to the composition of materials suitable for the sports garment has led to the fashion product in limited editions or special editions, even with specific revisitations related to the past and reintroduced with skillful weaving of fibers.

As if the confluence of Sports in Fashion has also channeled into it the undisputed social and educational values of which it is the bearer, many Fashion houses in the Fashion System have made a change in style, giving prominence and importance to these values and including the relevant collections among those bearing them.

Therefore, the motivations for success also lie in the values derived from sports (agility, fitness, quickness, and so on), which are projected into Clothing in the form of practicality, agility, and efficiency for living well and in tune with one’s body.