The Fashion & Functional and the NY STYLE

Between technical and fashionable product, for a style-conscious consumer who does not necessarily play sports.

When one thinks of the Big Apple, one imagines a metropolis where everyone is always wearing sophisticated, often brand-name clothes and suits, preferring an elegant style with attention to detail. The reality, however, is quite different; one only has to take a quick turn of thought turned to the past for proof.

In the Early Postwar period, when the need emerged to find new housing that was both comfortable and affordable, people began to reuse and adapt disused spaces: factories, offices, business centers and so on. Closely related to this need, a new style was born on the East Coast of the United States that is still one of the main and best known styles today: the Industrial style.

One of the world-famous symbols of industrial style, for example, is the famous Factory, Andy Warhol’s studio during the period that saw the rise of “his” pop art. The trend took a few years to arrive in Europe, initially landing in more “alternative” cities such as London and Berlin in the 1980s.

In New York the Industrial style, shortly after its birth, extended to the world of Fashion and gave birth to a new style, architecturally derived therefore, in which Sportswear was considered as Fashion clothing: we are talking about Fashion & Functional.

Formerly called “Friday Wear,” Fashion & Functional evokes the ability to dress informally especially on weekends. And the capital of Sportswear Fashion, which uses innovative and extravagant technical fabrics, is New York City itself.