The rise of the Outdoor market

2021 was the year of outdoor sports with a substantial increase in sales. Values of sustainability and environmental care also contribute to the success of the market.

The outdoor market in 2021 in Italy has risen to +27%, with an overall sell-in increase in Europe of 18.7% over 2020 and 7.5% compared to the pre-pandemic period. There is no doubt that the health emergency has stimulated people to appreciate outdoor physical activity more, making the dedicated industry experience a golden moment. As shown by a survey by Eog-European outdoor group in the period in question in the Old Continent there was an overall increase of 18.7 percent over 2020, +27 percent in Italy alone, and 7.5 percent over the pre-covid era with 986 million more products placed on the market (mainly clothing and footwear, up 16 percent).

A trend that today seems to have stabilized (+17.4% sell-out recorded in the first months of 2022) while continuing to run, as also confirmed by the latest Pos panel estimates from Npd and the success of the eighth edition of the Orbdays-Outdoor & running business days, held in Riva del Garda.

With the return to normalcy, the traditional seasonality affecting the industry has also reappeared, with the outdoor market concentrated mainly in the summer months, while there has been a shift in consumer attitudes, which are now geared toward more conscious and judicious choices.

“The Italian consumer has turned to more technical products than in the past, thus contributing to the increase in the average price for the category, but without this affecting sales too much. In particular, among the main European countries, Italy is the most dynamic in terms of outdoor footwear. In fact, Ndp group’s pos panel data return the image of an Italian sports footwear market growing strongly in 2021, in double digits both compared to 2020 (+22%) and compared to the pre-covid period (+18% vs 2019),” said Antonio Vignigni, account manager, sport tracking Europe for Npd group.